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Welcome to us at Sportsmart.ie. We have a wide range of products that provide support and relief for those who want to live an active life.

Our range of comfortable leisure shoes, slippers and sandals from Scholl, Axelda, Ulle & MBT is adapted for those who require very good comfort, both professionally and in everyday life. It is also always possible to buy soles & inserts, socks and shoe care products that fit the shoe you have chosen.

For those who want to continue an active life in the winter, we have a nice range of studded shoes that help you get around easily when it's snowy and icy.

For those who suffer from heel spurs, hammer toe or hallux valgus, we have both socks and insoles that are adapted to relieve your problems.

We also have a large range of socks, with and without compression and support socks.

For those who need support and protection when walking or exercising, we have a solid range of knee protectors, back protectors, ankle protectors, wrist protectors & liniments.

For many, poor posture can be a problem in everyday life that then causes pain in the back and neck and thus reduces our mobility and the possibility of an active life. To overcome posture problems, we offer a number of different ergonomic aids for the workplace and posture support.

All brands and products are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and optimal function.

Do you need help deciding which product or products suit your needs? Feel free to consult our Injury Guide. There you choose body part and then injury and you can see which products we recommend.

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