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Snow Grips

Snow Grips

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Here you will find our range of snow grips.

Studs are a fantastic product to use when winter sets in. The studs are easily attached to the shoe and with one click you reduce the risk of slipping on a patch of ice! We have a complete range of studs to suit most shoes and purposes.

These snow grips provide an excellent solution for icy conditions, effortlessly attaching to your shoes with a single click, significantly reducing the risk of slipping on ice. With a diverse range of studs tailored to various shoe types and purposes, you'll find the perfect winter traction solution for your needs.

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Good thing about snow grips:

If you already have a pair of winter shoes without studs that you are comfortable with. Then you can add studs for better grip.

If you run in winter. The studs are placed on top of your regular running shoes.


If you want the security of always having a non-slip shoe. Studs are harder and more robust than studs, giving you an even better grip in winter conditions. In addition, the soles of studded shoes are thicker and the patterns are deeper. In many cases, the rubber compound in the sole is also slightly stickier than on regular walking and running shoes to provide better grip on ice.

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