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Back & Shoulder

Back & Shoulder

Here you will find different types of well-functioning products that help to improve posture and proven back supports with or without splints that help when you have back pain. Our back supports can prevent general feelings of fatigue in the back as well as relieve back pain in diagnosed conditions such as scoliosis, sciatica and herniated discs.

A posture vest or posture band is a great help, making it easier to stabilise the shoulders and chest. A posture band can be easy to wear during the workday or at the gym, as it helps you put the right amount of strain on your muscles while being discreet.

Our backrests that support and relieve your back and thus help you get back to the same active life you had before you suffered from back pain. A good back support not only gives you an improved posture, but it can also relieve pain and facilitate the healing of previous injuries.
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