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Shoe Care

Shoe Care

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By supplementing your shoe purchase with shoe care products, you can extend the life of your favourite shoes, which of course saves both money and the environment!

With us you will find impregnation spray for maximum protection against moisture, dirt, snow and stains. The spray provides strong and durable protection without impairing the shoe's breathability. The spray is best used on our walking and leisure shoes.

So that you don't have to be bothered by bad odours, we also sell fragrance bags that are placed in the shoes when they are not being used. The foot bags spread a fresh odour and also absorb moisture.

Our detergent for wool is very effective and can also be used for other types of products made of wool, such as sweaters and cardigans.

For those who have been out in the forest and countryside and soiled their shoes, there is foam cleaner. This agent works wonders if you want to freshen up your shoes and can be used on all types of materials.

We also sell shoe polish for leather products that effectively and gently extends the life of leather shoes.
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