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MBT Shoes

MBT Shoes

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For over 20 years, MBT has been creating functional footwear for work and everyday life. MBT shoes have a positive effect on the whole body. The shoes improve your posture and gait, muscles are activated, joints are relieved and circulation and metabolism are improved.

MBT is a medically classified product. MBT shoes give you the following benefits when walking and standing:
- Improved posture
- Reduced strain in the knee, back and hip joints
- Increased muscle activity

Walking with flat shoes on flat floors passivates the body and causes stabilising muscles to weaken and lose function. Your posture and walking pattern changes, putting unnecessary strain on your back and joints. With MBT shoes, you get a naturally upright posture, relieve your back and joints and increase muscle activity. They are very different from regular work shoes as they are reminiscent of walking barefoot on natural surfaces - very comfortable and a positive challenge for the whole body. The shoes are developed to mimic the gentle natural step on soft and varied surfaces that activate the muscles in the body. In other words, MBT shoes are the perfect work shoes for those who walk and stand a lot.
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