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Hammer Toe

Hammer Toe

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If you have hammertoe, one or more of the smaller toes next to the big toe are curved. The name "hammer toe" comes from the fact that the small joints in the toe are curved, making the toe look like a hammer. This causes the top of the toe to press against the shoe, which is painful. There may also be a sore callus, known as a bunion. The effect can also be that you get pain under the forefoot.

Here we offer a number of products that provide relief for hammertoes. In addition to these aids, you can also ensure that the external pressure on the toe is reduced by wearing shoes with extra space at the front.

Discover our specialized products designed to offer relief for hammertoes, addressing the discomfort caused by the curved smaller toes and the potential pain from shoe pressure, along with the option to choose shoes with extra space at the front to minimize external pressure on the toes.

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You can get a hammertoe if your shoes are too tight. But the cause is often unknown. There may be some degree of heredity. It is also common to have a crooked big toe, hallux valgus, in conjunction with hammertoe.


We sell a number of foot products that relieve hammertoe. In addition, it is also important to make sure you have shoes with extra space in the front. You can also be helped by having an insert in the shoe, a pad.

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