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Wool Slippers

Wool Slippers

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Here you will find our classic wool slippers from Ulle. All Ulletofflor are produced in harmony with nature, with ergonomic shapes and natural materials. The slippers are made of 100% high-quality wool, a fantastic material with natural properties that make the Ulletofflor always feel fresh and comfortable.

All models are ergonomically designed with support for both the arch and the heel. The undersole is latex-treated to provide a non-slip and water-repellent surface.

Wool slippers from Ulle are wonderfully comfortable and can be worn all year round, as wool cools when it is warm and warms when it is cold. Wool also has the good ability to absorb moisture without attracting bad odours. Wool also repels dirt and water, making the slippers extra durable.

Feel free to air your woollen slipper from time to time. The slippers are machine washable, run the machine at 30°C, without fabric softener. Then let the slippers air dry.

With us, a quantity discount applies if you buy several pairs of shoes; 15% discount if you buy two pairs of shoes and 20% discount if you buy three pairs of shoes! Add the shoes you want to the shopping basket and the discount will be deducted automatically.
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Absolutely. Because wool is taken from living sheep, it is actually one of our most sustainable material resources.

Wool is very hard-wearing, making wool products long-lasting. The material is also soft and comfortable to wear close to the body. Wool also has the great property that it ventilates, insulates and absorbs at the same time. This means that wool products regulate temperature in a fantastic way and can be used with advantage in both winter and summer.

In addition, wool is naturally antibacterial and dirt-repellent, making it self-cleaning and odour-resistant.


Wool is the fur that protects lambs and sheep from the elements. Wool can have different colours depending on the breed and different types of wool have different coarseness. For example, wool from fine wool sheep is best suited for scarves and shawls, while the slightly coarser wool from Gotland sheep is better suited for socks and jumpers.

Sheepskin, on the other hand, is the tanned skin of sheep. Sheepskin is sometimes referred to as lambskin, even when it comes from adult animals.


Wool is obtained by shearing sheep. A sheep should be sheared at least once a year to keep it healthy.

After shearing, the wool is treated. First it is cleaned and washed. Then it is carded and then it can be spun into yarn.


The difference with wool is that the skin does not come from live sheep but is a by-product of slaughter. Often sheep with fine wool are selected so that their skins can be utilised after slaughter. Skinning is a long process that takes several months; the skin is first washed and cleaned, then carved, washed again and in many cases coloured.

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