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Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is an injury to the shoulder that develops over several months. The symptoms start with pain in one shoulder and after a while it stiffens, resulting in reduced mobility. Hence the name 'frozen shoulder'. There is an articular capsule around the shoulder joint, whose task is to stabilise the shoulder joint. It is when it contracts and stiffens that the phenomenon of frozen shoulder occurs. The first sign often starts when you lie down to sleep. Eventually, it also starts to hurt during the day when you try to move your shoulder. Usually you will have problems with only one shoulder, but in some cases there can be difficulties in both shoulders.

The people most affected are between the ages of 40 and 60. Doctors do not yet know why only some people are affected, but it seems to be more common among diabetics. The shoulder usually heals on its own, but this can take several months. Although the shoulder joint often heals itself, you should always see a doctor to confirm the injury. In some cases, surgery on the joint may be necessary. The doctor will initially refer you to a physiotherapist who will help you with exercises to reduce pain and regain mobility. The physiotherapist can also provide pain relief such as heat, cold or acupuncture. It is difficult to prevent the disease because doctors do not yet know why it occurs.

A frozen shoulder can take several months to heal and the pain can last for years. As mentioned, the pain can be relieved by, for example, heat or cold. Since the joint capsule around the shoulder joint can no longer stabilise in the same way as before, it can also help with products that make the shoulder more stable. With us at Sportsmart.se you will find products that are specially developed for shoulder problems. A shoulder support is a flexible aid that you wear under your clothes and is available for both the right and left side. The neoprene material provides increased blood flow and better compression in the area, which can reduce pain. Having something to stabilise the shoulder can also help reduce pain.

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