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Golfers' Elbow

Golfers' Elbow

Golfers' elbow, or medial epicondyalgia, is an injury that occurs on the inside of the elbow, similar to tennis elbow, which occurs in the same place but on the outside of the elbow. The injury occurs in the flexor muscles of the hand and fingers and the symptoms of golf elbow are stiffness and pain at the inside of the elbow and a feeling of weakness when lifting and gripping. Most commonly affected are people involved in rowing, climbing and similar sports, but constant and repetitive work can also lead to golfer's elbow.

The problem is caused by overuse of the muscles that bend the wrist, and the overuse creates a reaction in the tendon tissue, which then becomes an inflammation that usually lasts for a few days. Generally, golfer's elbow develops slowly with an indeterminate amount of soreness in the inside of the forearm, and usually severe bending of the wrist combined with heavy loading is the triggering factor. Treating golfers' elbow requires avoiding repetitive movements and ideally relieving the forearm muscles completely or as much as possible. Stretching can also help, but to prevent the injury before it occurs.

We offer several different types of golf elbow supports that help to relieve the muscles in the forearm. These are available in adjustable sizes and can advantageously be worn all day and are not visible under a shirt, for example. We have both larger elbow protectors for the entire elbow and elbow protectors that only sit on the upper part of the forearm.

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