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Infraspinatustendinit (infraspinatustendinos)

Infraspinatustendinit (infraspinatustendinos)

Infraspinatus tendinitis means that the tendon that attaches to the infraspinatus muscle, which holds the upper arm in the shoulder when the arm rotates outwards, is inflamed. This usually occurs after an injury or overexertion where the tendon has been damaged so that it is painful to lift the arm upwards, out of the side and to pull the arm backwards. The inflammation is part of the natural healing process after the trauma and usually heals within a few days. If pain and movement problems persist due to tissue changes, this condition is called infraspinatus tendinosis instead. The pain is recognised as a radiating pain that spreads from the shoulder down the upper arm. If the injury at this stage is incorrectly stressed, it can progress and the healing process is prolonged.

After seeing a doctor and receiving a diagnosis, a variety of procedures can be performed by a specialist. Some of these include acupuncture, shockwave therapy and cross-friction massage. It is important that the injured person accepts that they have suffered tissue damage that needs to be relieved in order to heal properly. Try to avoid the kind of strain that increases the pain, avoid repeated strain on the shoulder where the arm is positioned out to the side, and avoid any kind of static work that triggers the pain. It is good if you can find forms of physical activity other than those that triggered the shoulder injury while following a rehabilitation programme adapted to your needs and conditions.

Following a personally designed rehabilitation programme that is adapted to your conditions after suffering from infraspinatus tendinitis or infraspinatus tendinosis is essential to have the best possible chance of a complete healing of the shoulder. However, while you are doing this, it can be helpful to stabilise the shoulder and the inflamed shoulder tendon to avoid unnecessary pain as much as possible. There are different types of shoulder pads and supports that can speed up and facilitate the healing process. These shoulder protectors, which you can find here at Sportsmart.se, provide warmth and stability to the injured area without being either uncomfortable or interfering with the movements during your rehabilitation sessions. The heat also accelerates inflammation and helps the injury to heal faster.

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