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Swollen legs

Swollen legs

Swollen legs can have many different causes. Most often, swollen legs are due to an increased amount of fluid in the legs, and the underlying cause can be anything from pregnancy and overexertion to illness or dietary habits. If you experience significant leg swelling that occurs suddenly and seemingly without cause, you should seek medical attention to rule out disease.

A diet high in salt or alcohol can cause the body to accumulate unnecessary fluids. This is because salt binds the fluid in the body. If you have a very high intake of carbohydrates compared to protein, this can also be a contributing factor. Therefore, a first step may be to change your diet to see if you experience an improvement. If you have temporarily exerted yourself so much that the tissues in your leg have been overworked, this is a natural explanation. Make sure to take it easy, let your legs rest and put on a product that provides support, such as compression products or support for thighs and calves. Increased heat outdoors can lead to increased swelling.

The increased swelling caused by fluid retention is due to the venous system not working properly. When you are sedentary or walking and standing all day, fluid builds up in your legs. There are several ways to prevent or alleviate this problem. You can try keeping your legs elevated and you should avoid sitting with your legs crossed. Movement is also good for increasing circulation. Use compression products, such as support stockings. These hug the leg and prevent blood and fluid from accumulating. Put them on in the morning when your legs are less swollen. You can also use them on long flights or when you sit still a lot.

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