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Flat feet

Flat feet

Flat feet is exactly what it sounds like, the foot is flat, that is, the arch of the foot is more or less sunken instead of the normal arch. Some of us are born with it while most of us get it over the years. The inner arch collapses with age and this often leads to overpronation, which means that the foot rolls inwards and puts excessive strain on the ankle and leg. The low position of the arch causes you to walk more on the inside of the foot, creating a misalignment of the foot. Flat feet do not always cause problems, but can cause pain in the shin, knee and back. You may experience pain under the foot, especially in the heel, when overloaded.

A common reason for flat feet, or fallen arches, is that it is inherited. But it can also be caused or aggravated by factors such as age, obesity or pregnancy. Our lifestyle also plays a role. If we walk and stand a lot at work, for example, this contributes to flatter arches, especially if the surface is hard. Even bad shoes can cause our feet to collapse and roll inwards more than they should.

With flat feet, it is important to wear shoes that provide good support for the foot. If the shoes you use have a flat insole, you can get better posture and support for your foot with arch supports. For extra support and stability for the whole foot, use a half or full sole. Foot orthotics support the arch of the foot, prevent overpronation and provide correct posture for the body. Foot orthoses should be flexible and move with the foot and support all three arches of the foot. The insoles provide both support and a comfortable feeling when walking or running.

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