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Knee pain

Knee pain

Having pain in your knee from time to time can have several different causes and sometimes underlying injuries. If you have pain, you are not alone, it is a relatively common condition, as the knee joint is one of the most injured joints in the body. Whether you're an athlete or don't exercise at all, your knee is put under a lot of stress throughout your life. In most cases, the cause of knee pain is localised, meaning that something is damaged in the tissue just around the knee.

Common knee injuries include ligament sprains, strains and ruptured cruciate ligaments or meniscus. One step in preventing knee injuries is to warm up properly and be careful not to twist the knee, which can happen with rapid changes in direction, and not to overload the knee unnecessarily. If you start to feel pain, you can also put ice on it to numb the pain and then rest. In a ligament injury, for example, both the outer and inner ligaments that surround the knee can be affected. Ligament damage on the inside of the knee is more common than on the outside, as there are more protective tendons on the outside of the knee.

It is not only in sports that it is important to think about how you move. It is also important to be careful during everyday activities. If you fall really badly, it can take several months for a knee to heal and this is usually followed by long rehabilitation. We offer a wide range of knee protectors that provide relief and comfort to help you during and after an injury.

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