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Mouse arm

Mouse arm

Mouse arm is the name given to the hand and arm problems caused by frequent and prolonged use of a computer mouse. Mouse arm is easily caused by working at the computer for long periods of time during the day and using the hand holding the computer mouse incorrectly. When you hold the computer mouse in your hand with an unnatural grip, it almost always leads to all the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hand being overloaded, causing the hand to become ill. In most cases, the mouse arm goes away on its own, but often you have to deal with this problem for a long time. Mouse arm is not the name of just one particular injury but a collective name for a so-called pain syndrome in the arm.

The name mouse arm comes from the fact that the pain is usually not only in the wrist but also in almost the entire arm. Tenderness, stiffness, aching, weakness or numbness can be signs of mouse arm. The pain of a mouse arm usually has several different causes. There may be an inflammation or an injury to the tendons, or perhaps a pinched nerve. Whatever the cause, the injury is the result of prolonged overuse.

This common problem can be prevented by remembering to sit correctly in front of the computer desk, not staying in the same position all the time and taking small breaks, working with your arms close to your body and keeping your wrist straight and not twisting it towards your little finger.

Pain in the mouse arm can be alleviated by using various ergonomic aids, such as a wrist support, which gives the wrist good stability and support during the various wrist overloads.

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