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Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow

Being affected by the phenomenon of tennis elbow is anything but fun. It can make even the smallest effort feel hard and stressful. Usually the injury heals itself, but it can be very painful in the meantime. Fortunately, there is help available, usually in the form of smart elbow pads. More advanced treatment methods are also available, which you can read more about later.

But first - why do you get tennis elbow and what are the first symptoms? By far the most common cause of tennis elbow is monotonous work. If you sit in front of the computer most of the day and use a classic mouse to navigate the screen, it is easy to overload the tissue attachment in the elbow.

You can also suffer from tennis elbow very suddenly, for example if you spend a whole day lifting heavily and subjecting your elbow to significantly more strain than normal. This can be prevented by slowly and gradually increasing the load on the elbow and tissue.

The symptoms of tennis elbow are almost always the same, although they can vary greatly in the degree of pain. Pain on the outside of the elbow and a general stiffness of the elbow are very common symptoms. It is also common to feel weakness in the hand grip and pain when extending the elbow.

If you have suffered from tennis elbow, there is a wide range of protection that makes everyday life a lot easier. These protections can also be used in training, both to prevent injury and to relieve pain. There are also plenty of exercises online that you can use to get rid of your tennis elbow as soon as possible. If that is not enough, you can also look for a suitable clinic that performs more advanced treatments for tennis elbow. At a clinic, you can get acupuncture treatment and cortisone injections.

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