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Poor posture

Poor posture

Poor posture is very common. Many people suffer from it, and improving posture requires both strong abdominal muscles and a strong back. It is also important to think about how we hold our bodies when we walk, sit and stand. If we do this, many muscle problems can be avoided and we get a good posture. The type of job you have also affects your posture. If you have a job where you sit in front of a computer or in a shop at the checkout, it is very difficult to maintain good posture all day. In such cases, you have to move around a lot, and stretching and strength training are good forms of exercise.

Many people live in the belief that they cannot influence their bad posture themselves. No one is born with bad posture and it can definitely be trained. It is important that you yourself become aware of your body and your poor posture, and you need to work very actively to improve your posture. It is important to work on muscle memory and body awareness. A good way to help is to stand in front of a full body mirror and look at your posture from the side. Taking photographs of yourself at regular intervals will help you see your progress.

We have a few different products to help you improve your posture. The posture vest and posture bandage are very helpful and make it easier to stabilise your shoulders and chest. A posture band can be easy to wear during the workday or at the gym, as it helps you put the right amount of strain on your muscles while being discreet.

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