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Runner's knee

Runner's knee

Runner's knee is a common problem that occurs when the tendon along the outside of the knee is overloaded. The injury is painful, especially during exercise. Some people get symptoms that last for a long time, while others get rid of the symptoms after a while. In addition to running, runner's knee is common with frequent cross-country skiing, especially freestyle skiing and cycling.

The pain of runner's knee occurs on the outside of the knee and can often feel sharp. It is experienced during exercise and increases in intensity as the exercise time increases. At rest, the pain often disappears, but it returns the next time you exercise. What you can do to get rid of the problems is to let the knee rest properly and then take it easy in training from now on. You can increase the load carefully and sometimes it may even be necessary to completely change the form of exercise.

Good, stable shoes that provide cushioning and proper support are essential to protect the knee and surrounding areas. You should wear a shoe that fits well and is designed for the purpose. Knee pads work well, as does cooling the knee after exercise. Shock-absorbing insoles are often good and help in three out of five cases of runner's knee. Physiotherapy and stretching can speed up healing. In some cases, surgery may be needed to lengthen the tendon causing the problem. A cortisone injection is sometimes needed, which is injected into the area where the problem and pain are occurring.

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