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Sore feet

Sore feet

Most people have experienced sore feet at some point. The most common causes of sore feet are wearing the wrong shoes or walking significantly more in a day than you are used to. Other conditions, such as pregnancy, can also cause sore feet. Similarly, if there have been injuries or illnesses that can cause similar problems.

There are several things you can do to avoid tired, sore and overworked feet. The foot is a part of the body that takes a lot of strain as we walk on it every day, and it is important to take good care of your feet. To avoid sore feet, it is important to gradually increase and familiarise your feet with higher loads so that they do not become overstretched. Foot baths and massages for the feet increase blood circulation and make the feet softer and more flexible. Good compression socks also prevent swollen feet and increase blood circulation in the feet and calves. Good compression socks can also speed up your recovery and reduce the pain of exercise thanks to the increased blood circulation they create.

To prevent sore feet, it is also important to use footwear and shoe accessories that are appropriate for your feet. The type of shoe you choose depends on the intended activity. Shoes that are suitable for a quick run do not have the same properties as shoes that are suitable for a long hike in the mountains, for example. A shoe should have the right support and cushioning for the purpose, as well as soles or inserts that are adapted to the shape of your foot, the technique you walk or run with and your weight. See our range of scholl shoes and choose between leisure or walking shoes. There are insoles that provide the necessary support and cushioning for the arch and heel, as well as heel cups and wedges that provide relief from various foot injuries. A proper sole is recommended for both elite athletes and everyday exercisers, as many shoes unfortunately do not come with a sufficiently constructed insole.

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