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Fallen front foot arch

Fallen front foot arch

Having a depressed forefoot arch is relatively common and the condition itself is not really dangerous, the problem is simply that it causes the sufferer a lot of pain and discomfort. A sunken forefoot arch is caused by the middle metatarsal bones in the forefoot sinking down. This is because the load on them has become too great. The condition therefore often occurs during a major weight gain, such as during pregnancy. The very first signs of a collapsed forefoot arch are usually tingling and soreness in the front of the foot and the ball of the foot behind the toes.

If you suffer from a lowered forefoot arch, the front part of the foot and the cushion there are under more strain than they should be. This, in turn, leads to a feeling of fatigue and, in the worst case, even pain in the part of the foot that is being loaded incorrectly. It can be uncomfortable and painful to walk or stand for long periods if your feet are not properly supported.

If you suffer from forefoot insufficiency, there are various ways to alleviate this. Firstly, you should be careful to buy high quality shoes that provide good support for the foot. But you should also supplement these with a really good insole or a sole that is designed specifically to provide extra support for a lowered forefoot arch. A well-designed sole relieves the arch of the foot and thus also prevents the pain and fatigue that often occurs in an unsupported foot.

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