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Foot pain

Foot pain

Everyone has experienced foot pain at some point, either suddenly or gradually. Foot pain can occur for different reasons, just as it can occur in different parts of the foot. For example, if you have pain in your heel, it may be a sign that you have suffered Sever's injury. Younger people, around 10-15 years of age, usually get this injury as they are the ones who stay active in different types of sports. If you rather have problems with the big toe being crooked and pointing inwards, it can be a sign of hallux valgus.

When you have slept and get out of bed in the morning, you may sometimes feel a sharp pain under your heel. You may be suffering from plantar fasciitis and this injury increases in severity the longer you walk. If you feel pain in your foot, it is usually due to overloading. When it comes to heel problems, a good tip is to try to stabilise the heel using a support sock or an ankle protector. For those who feel pain in the front of the pedal pad, there are also supports for the pedal pad. Another tip is to check your soles and shoes.
We offer a wide range of soles, full and half soles that, among other things, support your hollow foot and inhibit pronation and supination. The soles are available in several different materials to increase your comfort.

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