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Cold feet

Cold feet

Poor blood circulation is often the explanation for cold feet, but there are many other factors at play as well. In some cases, these factors are even the culprit. Your clothing and the temperature around you may be the cause of your cold feet, as your body heat only leaves your hands and feet when you get cold. Another cause could be sitting still too much, which causes your blood vessels to constrict. The same thing happens if you smoke. Poor blood circulation usually affects older people with blood vessels that are blocked so that blood cannot be pumped with the same force as before and therefore does not generate as much heat.

To avoid cold feet in the short term, you need clothes that are adapted to the weather and climate you are in. You can also keep the cold at bay by taking regular exercise. Preventing poor blood circulation, and therefore cold feet in the long term, requires good health and a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from smoking, fatty foods and sweets, and get regular exercise. Other ways to keep warm include drinking plenty of water and trying different home remedies such as ginger, garlic or chilli shots which all help to regulate body temperature. Also, keep your body's iron levels steady by eating vegetables, nuts and seeds that are high in iron or taking iron tablets as a supplement.

There are socks in different materials that are specially designed to both increase blood circulation and retain heat so that your feet are ready for both cold floors and sub-zero temperatures outdoors. Wool is a material that has long been known to keep you warm, while the bamboo material is breathable and ensures that the socks stay dry.Bamboo is therefore ideal for exercise and sports on warmer days while wool socks, thanks to the 37.5 Technology material, not only stay dry but also warm.They are therefore just as ultimate for cold days out on the slopes as they are indoors.There are also different insoles for your shoes to help keep your feet dry, fresh and warm.

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