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Heel Fat Pad Syndrome

Heel Fat Pad Syndrome

If the heel pad is worn out, this means that the fat pad under the heel bone has been worn out. This results in a very sore heel and pad. The sensation is often described as the pain of a bruise and is felt every time you put your heel on the ground. The best way to prevent this condition is to start wearing stable and good shoes that fit the foot pad early on. If you have been wearing out your feet in flat and unstable shoes for a long period of time, and have also been walking around with them on hard surfaces, you should not be surprised if your heel pad is eventually trampled. As well as shoes and surfaces, weight can also play a role. For pregnant women, it is perhaps most important to wear sturdy shoes, as the feet are not adapted to the strain of suddenly carrying a much greater body weight than before.

The unfortunate news is that once your heel pad is trampled, it will never recover on its own. This makes it all the more important to buy a pair of sturdy shoes that reduce the load on the heel. In addition, heel pads made of jelly are now available to help someone who has already suffered from this. We have a wide range of different insoles and shoe inserts that are all adapted to help those with sore feet. If you increase the stability of the feet with the help of, for example, a heel cushion, hopefully the pain will also be significantly reduced. Our heel cushions are bowl-shaped to not only provide support to the underside of the heel.

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