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Heel pain

Heel pain

When you have heel pain, it can be caused by a number of different things. The type of pain you experience, how it behaves and exactly where it is located, can reveal a lot about what the problem might be. The pain can occur on its own, as a result of an illness or an injury during sports, for example.

Heel pain is a common problem and usually quite harmless, but it can still cause some inconvenience and discomfort. You almost never need to see a doctor for heel pain, but if the problem is persistent, it is best to contact a physiotherapist. The best way to prevent heel pain is to wear good shoes and an insole. Various common problems can include, for example, heel spurs, ruptures in the Achilles tendon, a fracture, inflammation of the heel's mucous membranes, Haglund's disease, which is an extension of the inflammation of the mucous membranes and which can create a lump in the heel, problems with the heel cushion, or a pinched nerve.

If you have a minor problem and want to treat it yourself, or have been advised to do so by a physiotherapist, it can be useful to get an ointment that reduces the pain somewhat, and various products that have a supportive function for the heel, and that help you when you walk or do any other activity that can be strenuous on the heel.

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