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Improved posture

Improved posture

Stand up straight, don't sit like a haystack! Maybe you have an older relative who told you when you were young or even when you were older. An annoying request, sure, but the fact is that good posture doesn't just look nice, it's also important for your long-term well-being.

The good news is that even if you've fallen behind and think you look slumped, it's almost never too late to start working on your posture.

But first. Why is it not good if you have a slightly slumped posture?

- Poor posture gives you less control over your body and your muscles become weak and stiff.
- You put incorrect strain on your neck and back, which in the long run leads to painful conditions.
- Bad posture simply doesn't look good.

1. Exercise, exercise! Strengthen your posture by strengthening the muscles in your neck, chest, torso and shoulders. The body is only as strong as its weakest part! Get help from a physiotherapist who can develop good exercises that suit you. If you go to Youtube, there is a plethora of exercises that focus on torso stability, chest & neck. ,

2. use a posture vest that counteracts forward-rotated shoulders and vulture neck. Using the posture vest also gives you a friend who gives you repeated feedback. It can otherwise be difficult to remember to maintain a good position throughout the day. With a posture vest, you can also adjust it to prevent your shoulders from rotating forwards. In addition to wearing a posture vest, there are also products that help you keep your body straight while sitting.

3. Vary your working position if you have a sedentary job. It's easy to end up in the same position all the time with our arms in front of us at the keyboard, for example. There are a number of ergonomic products that can help you improve your ergonomics in the workplace and thus help improve your posture.

4. Be proud! Look forward, not down! Only through that correction will your head be straighter.

5. Don't give up! A straighter posture does not come from exercising for a few days or stretching occasionally. It comes from working hard for a long time. Don't lose focus, keep going. Stretch yourself. Ask someone close to you to tell you when he/she thinks you are getting sloppy and falling back into old patterns.

The benefits of good posture are many, but they bear repeating:

Improved breathability. Poor, slumped posture shortens the muscles in the front, which impedes breathing. Good posture, on the other hand, improves oxygen uptake by 30%.

Self-confidence. Good posture makes you feel more confident, your body radiates confidence and authority. Bad posture says the opposite, low self-confidence and fear.

Pain relief for the back. Good posture in a neutral position allows you to use your muscles correctly, which leads to a better feeling in your back. Poor, slumped posture puts strain on the spine, which can cause long-term pain.

Better mood. Mood is affected by posture. When you're feeling down, you tend to slump and hang your head. When you are happy, you naturally stretch into a proud posture.
Digestion. With good posture, the internal organs have plenty of room and you can digest food without difficulty.

Slimmer look. Good posture makes you look slimmer. Poor posture can make your stomach stick out.
Fewer headaches. Research shows that holding your head in a forward position increases the risk of recurring headaches.

Reduces stiffness as you age. Posture affects how the body ages. Good posture reduces the risk of stiffness and stress on the joints.

More energy. When you have poor, slumped posture, your body has to work harder because it is an unnatural position. Muscles get tired more quickly. With good posture, you don't waste as much energy.

Easier to concentrate. The improved oxygen supply provided by good posture has a positive effect on the brain and therefore on concentration.

Yes, the benefits of good posture are incredibly numerous. And there are aids such as posture vests and posture supports that can help you along the way. Working on your posture can be hard work, but it really pays off! Your older self will thank you if you take action and improve your posture.

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