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Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury

Back pain is very common and almost everyone, regardless of age, is affected at some point in their lives. A common form of back pain is what is known as spinal stenosis, which is a sudden and severe pain in the lower back that becomes very stiff and makes it difficult to move. It can feel like your back suddenly locks up without warning. The pain can be sharp or radiate down to the hips and legs as the muscles become very tense.

It is difficult to know the cause of the back pain, which may seem to come for no reason. You may have strained your back incorrectly with, for example, heavy lifting, or it is something that has affected your back for a long time, such as incorrect posture, a lot of sedentary behaviour, etc. Whatever the reason, your back will stop, and the back pain can be triggered by something as simple as standing up or bending down to pick something up from the floor.

You need treatment to regain the normal function of your back; chiropractic, physiotherapy or treatment with a naprapath. It is important to exercise and move around as much as possible, as this increases mobility and blood circulation in the body. Too little movement can aggravate the condition as the back stiffens from inactivity. Slow walks or other gentle exercise may suffice. Be careful with your back and avoid heavy lifting and incorrect loading.

You can relieve the pain, which is often intense, in ways that feel good. Keep your back warm with a heating pad or a hot shower. For some people, cold works better for pain relief. Hanging your back or finding a relaxing resting position can also help.

It is good to use some kind of back support, belt or corset to relieve the pain. This provides good support and relief for the back while helping to increase blood circulation. The supports help to speed up the healing process, so you can regain normal mobility more quickly. This type of belt is also gentle on the back in general and can be used as a preventative measure to avoid problems.

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