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Knee Instability

Knee Instability

Knee instability is an injury that can be caused by many different reasons. However, most often this type of problem is caused by damage to one or more ligaments in the knee. This could be the anterior or posterior cruciate ligament, or even the meniscus. Whatever the injury causing the instability, it is a fact that the muscles around a severely injured joint quickly lose their strength.

To build up an unstable knee, it is important to train and to train in the right way. Getting a stable and fully functioning knee back means hard work. You must build up the muscles surrounding the joint to regain stability in the knee. This is best done through exercises and training with a physiotherapist. But it is also important to take part in so-called functional training. Exercises can only do a certain part, to be fully recovered it is important to train the functionality of the knee. This is best done by taking walks on uneven surfaces or by cycling.

There are devices that can help if you suffer from instability in one or both knees. A knee brace can be very beneficial if the knees show any kind of weakness. This type of protection is anatomically designed and relieves the unstable knee and provides the extra support that can avoid pain and allow you to function and perform physical activities even if your knee is not 100% functional.

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