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The term pronation means the movement of a body part rotating inwards, and can refer to a forearm or the foot, for example. The term is common when talking about the movement of the foot and is important when, for example, developing the right type of shoe and shoe accessories such as soles and inserts.

Pronation is the most common way to move the foot when walking or running. It means that you start by putting your foot down with the outside of the heel and then roll your foot diagonally, which results in a push-off with an inwardly angled foot. Those who do not walk and run with pronation do the opposite, which is called supination. Neutral runners are those who neither pronate nor supinate. You can find out what type of runner you are by placing your well-worn shoes on a flat surface. If your shoes have an inward slope, you are overpronating when you run.

The shape of the foot, including the structure of the arch, whether you pronate or not, and your body weight determine which type of shoe is suitable for you. The type of activity is also important to consider. However, you do not need to buy new shoes if yours are not adapted to your movement pattern. Today, there are insoles and inserts that can correct your foot movement when running and give you the support you need, which is also a cheaper solution than a new pair of shoes. If you pronate, you can prevent injury and pain by choosing soles or heel pads that counteract pronation.

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