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A relatively common complaint that can arise from physical activity, perhaps mainly from jumping and running, is tendinitis. More than half of all runners who run 6-7 kilometres every week suffer from the condition. When a person develops health inflammation, they experience increasing pain caused by the inflammation.

The condition can occur, for example, if you have started exercising in a way you are not used to or if you have started exercising harder than usual. Older people can also experience the condition when walking longer than they are used to. In addition to heel pain, tendinitis can also cause stiffness in the ankle, Achilles tendon and calf. The inflammation can also develop a lump on the Achilles tendon just above the heel. The inflammation comes as a result of the tendon in the heel being overloaded and exposed to many small traumas. In some cases, the inflammation occurs instead in a mucous sac located on the inside. Tendinitis is usually easy to treat. You should refrain from using your foot while the inflammation heals.

To prevent tendinitis, it is important that your exercise equipment provides the support and stability you need. For example, some people may need to use special soles in their shoes to provide sufficient cushioning and support for their feet. In addition, there are now heel cups and heel wedges that are specially designed to provide relief, support and pain relief for tendinitis.

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