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In simple terms, supination is when the foot leans too far outwards when walking or running. Supination is a completely natural movement and the best way for the body to push itself forward. So the movement itself is harmless if you do it correctly. But it becomes harmful and gives you problems if you do it for too long or in the wrong way, when your foot or you do not control the supination. This is called excessive supination and affects the whole body.

Excessive supination puts undue stress on the ankle muscles and reduces the flexibility of the ankle. The foot finds it more difficult to absorb the shocks that always occur when walking and running. This can lead to pain in the ankles and knees but also higher up. Shin splints can also occur as a result of excessive supination.

Since supination puts an oblique load on the ankle, it becomes unstable and the risk of sprains increases. In the worst case scenario, it becomes impossible for you to train or run without pain. If your foot doesn't handle the impact of running and walking properly, you can have problems further up the body. The load increases on the hips and back. Posture can also suffer.

Often the problem can be solved with a pair of sturdy, supportive shoes or an insole with a built-in supination wedge. Ankle supports can also help you put the right amount of weight on your foot. Excessive supination is not so common.You can tell if you are putting the wrong amount of weight on your foot by looking at the wear and tear on your shoes.If they are abnormally worn on the outside, you have reason to suspect supination.

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