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Fallen foot arches

Fallen foot arches

Fallen arches (or pes planus in Latin) are a common problem. It can occur on its own, after a sports injury or it can simply be congenital.

A collapsed arch means that the arch of the foot has dropped and caused a collapse of the natural arch, which in turn holds the foot up and makes it easy for you to walk. So it's one of the basic functions of the foot that's under a lot of stress, and although many people with fallen arches claim to be able to live with it, it's something you should definitely address. Sagging arches can lead to problems with the back, hips and knees, as the weakness caused by the flat foot becomes unnatural and unfamiliar to the rest of the body, which has to strain to compensate for the weakness.

The way in which you notice a drop in the arch of the foot can be through pain in the arch, the root of the foot and the ankle, or the talus joint as it is also known. It can also be detected by walking strangely, with feet turned outwards and knees turned inwards. This type of walking is known as ponering while walking. Slumped arches are usually due to relaxed muscles in the bottom of the foot, and are most easily treated with products that can help straighten the foot, such as forefoot supports or arch supports.

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